Edge Business Solutions believes that its clients can benefit from its five stage process to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

Stage 1: Assessment of Needs

The Assessment of Needs stage will help to determine the underlying issues which need to be identified and agreed upon before recommending solutions. Additionally, the consultants will review the current processes and procedures to determine where gaps exist and improvements can be made. Edge Business Solutions will then work with the client to develop the scope of the project.

Stage 2: Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning stage will entail developing a strategic plan based on information gathered in the Assessment of Needs stage. Additionally, Edge Business Solutions will work with business owners and senior management to identify aspirations. If a plan was recently developed internally or externally, Edge Business Solutions will review the plan and recommend necessary revisions, so that it is in alignment with the findings in Stage 1 and management’s strategic direction.

Stage 3: Re-engineering

The Re-engineering stage will entail an in-depth understanding of current processes and procedures. Edge Business Solutions will then craft new and improved processes and procedures that will generate operational efficiencies, and lead to an increase in profits. The new processes and procedures will include mapped out processes, and detailed instructions for each process and procedure.

Stage 4: Implementation and Project Management

The Implementation and Project Management stage will entail the involvement of Edge Business Solutions in the implementation of any recommended solutions – whether it is strategic, technological or operational. Edge Business Solutions will integrate the new processes and procedures defined in the Re-engineering stage. Additionally, Edge Business Solutions will work with the company to implement the strategic plan. Edge Business Solutions will manage the project for the client to ensure that the project is executed thoroughly and successfully. Throughout this stage, Edge Business Solutions will continue to assess the readiness of the employees with these changes.

Stage 5: De-Briefing and Benchmarking

The De-Briefing and Benchmarking service will be performed to ensure that the strategic plan developed, the solutions recommended, and the new processes and procedures implemented created the improvement in operational efficiencies and financial results desired by the client. Edge Business Solutions will provide its clients with measuring tools to help them benchmark their progress. These include Return Analysis, Cost of Capital Analysis and Cash Flow Analysis.

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